Kate Middleton’s Crazy Expensive Necklace Was Worth Every Penny (PHOTO)

kate middletonPoor Kate Middleton. She's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. The Duchess attended an Olympic-themed exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in London and wore a classic bright blue Stella McCartney dress with a subtle, timeless necklace. And that necklace, as inocuous as it may be, is what everyone seems to be talking about. Coming in over $70,000, the Cartier chain is from their Trinity collection and is made of white, yellow, and rose gold and is embellished with diamonds.

Granted, the necklace doesn't look like much from the photos, but I'm positive that up close, it stuns. Not only is it elegant, it's also reminiscent of the Olympic medals, which, of course, is a nice nod to the approaching London Games. So what's with everyone's beef?


Yeah, the necklace is expensive, but would we prefer she wore a Forever 21 chain?

I understand the argument that if you're going to spend that kind of money on a piece of jewelry, you might as well get something with a little more "oomph" factor, but this is Kate we're talking about. Nothing in her wardrobe has had any oomph since that see-through dress she wore in college. Since then it's been beautifully tailored designer clothes that flatter her figure without showing too much. Kate dresses conservatively, and this demure necklace is right in line with everything else she has in her closet.

Like any great bauble, Kate will be able to wear this Cartier necklace forever. Even her daughter will be able to wear it -- this piece is never going out of style. And if she, or Prince Albert, can afford such a gorgeous luxury, then I say by all means.

What do you think of Kate's necklace?


Photo via Splash News

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