It’s Too Bad Bethenny Frankel Knows Reality TV Is Bad for Her Family

bethenny frankelI will say this, I'm going to miss Dr. Amador. Bethenny Frankel told People that she's done with putting her life on TV, which likely means there will be no more episodes of Bethenny Ever After. The reality show was on for three seasons and we watched her go from a pregnant bride to a newlywed mom to a woman trying to balance a husband, a toddler, and a career. I liked watching the show, her neuroses were as awe-inspiring as they were reassuring (it could be worse, I'd tell myself, I could be like that) and her one-liners as well as her honest and open therapy sessions kept me coming back for more. And it sounds like I wasn't the only one, Bethenny was 4th on the Forbes list of highest paid TV actresses -- she raked in $12 million in 2011.

So, what's next for Bethenny?


The 41-year-old New Yorker just wrapped the 6-week trial run of her talk show, Bethenny, in L.A. and rumor has it that the test was a success. It's likely her show will be picked up for an entire season, which makes me wonder whether or not she'll move her family to L.A. permanently. If so, you know Jason's parents won't be thrilled, and that apartment of theirs, good lord that apartment, will probably have to be put on the market.

It's too bad Bethenny's smart enough to realize that being on reality TV is bad for her family because I would LOVE to see her, Jason, and Bryn move across country to pursue Bethenny's dreams. It sounds dramatic and heart-wrenching -- the stuff great TV is made of.

Alas, Bethenny's got her head on straight and has in all likelihood decided to kick the Bravo TV cameras out of her life for good. I have zero interest in watching her talk show -- there's only so much Bethenny one can handle in a week -- but I'm sure she'll be successful.

Now. When is Dr. Amador getting his own show? That I'd watch.

Will you miss Bethenny on reality TV?


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