Katie Holmes' Latest Bold Move Is the Ultimate Revenge on Tom (VIDEO)

Katie HolmesMan, oh man -- Tom Cruise has really gotta be shakin' in his boots right about now. He just turned 50, and he's suddenly single, and now even more people believe he's a complete and total nutjob. (No, I don't think I'm being mean. He's good looking, but definitely has a major screw loose.)

And if her filing for divorce from him wasn't a big enough blow, now Katie Holmes has made a bold move that will shift all of the attention from Tom to her. And I'm not talking about the fact that she won primary custody of Suri. Nope -- her latest plan is all about Katie, but Tom will surely be feeling the sting of her actions.


Yep, you guessed it! Katie Holmes is making a huge career comeback by heading to Broadway where she'll star in a comedy called Dead Accounts. She'll be playing a woman named Lorna who is shacking up with her parents until she gets back on her feet. (Huh. If circumstances were a bit different, this role could potentially mirror real life.)

And while Katie has appeared on Broadway before in All My Sons, this time is sure to be very different. Because now people are rooting for her because everyone is so proud of the fact that she finally broke loose from Tom's clutches. Everyone wants to see Katie come into her own and rise to the top -- and tickets to Dead Accounts will probably wind up selling like hot cakes because eager fans want to catch a glimpse of the woman who put Tom Cruise in his place.

This is seriously Katie's big chance to reclaim her identity and prove to the world that she is a much bigger star than Tom, and that a lot of the allure surrounding him over the past five years was because of her and Suri, not because he's the big cheese. (Face it Tom -- without your trophy wife, you're just another middle-aged actor who most of the world thinks is totally crazy.)

You can hear more about Katie's new Broadway gig in the video clip below.

Do you think Katie will be a success on Broadway?


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