Haunted Bookstore Owners Discover Why Their Ghost Likes Toys (VIDEO)

haunted collectorI've always been totally obsessed with true ghost stories and real haunted sites and paranormal investigations and the like, so naturally Haunted Collector on Syfy has me hooked. Particularly this episode about a haunted bookstore (how cool is that?!) in Ohio where customers report hearing voices and sometimes being physically touched -- and toys that are left out overnight by the owners are caught on camera moving by themselves. Ooh! And then the ghost hunter/expert people pick up the voice of a spirit child on their little noise-detect-o-matic or whatever that machine is called! Ooooh! That's why the ghost plays with toys at night! It's a kid!

I only have one problem with this episode of Haunted Collector, and that is ... SPOILER ALERT ...


The investigators never really figure out where the ghost or ghosts came from or why they're haunting the bookstore in the first place. Awww, man! No big reveal?! That's the best part, like at the end of that one episode of A Haunting when the people find out their house was built over a site where stagecoaches used to get held up and there were tons of murders. (Seriously, did you see it? So good.) It's just the whole closure thing is nice, from a viewing perspective.

Oh well, maybe next time. Can't force that sort of thing, I guess. If only I lived in Ohio ...

Have you watched Haunted Collector?

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