'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki Has No Place on 'Jersey Shore' Anymore

Snooki SoberIt was housewarming party time at the animal print pad on episode five of Snooki & JWOWW. That meant bringing all their friends to their Barbie Guidette Dream House plus their families. And the way Jenni's dad sees it, these girls are growing up.

Considering Snooki made it through an entire party without a single drink (even if she did mope on the couch while cuddling with her pops), Terry Farley might be on to something. Of course, the poor guy had just had to sit through a drunk Roger discussing the size of his penis and the number of times he'd had chlamydia, so Jenni's dad's mind may have been a little ... fried. But that doesn't mean there aren't some major changes happening in Jersey City.


Snooki's much awaited pregnancy announcement to her Jersey Shore roommates was a bit of a let-down for her. They laughed. They made fun. Vinny grabbed hold of her sonogram, decided the little blob looked just like him, and headed for the door like he was doing a runner ...

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Poor Snooki is already starting to see how her little meatball will separate her from her crew. They all came around to say they'll be supportive, but you could tell from their terrified reactions that Snooki isn't going to be calling her old pals to set up playdates with their babies any time soon. Even Jenni says she's "petrified" to have a kid now that she's living the pregnancy life vicariously through Nicole!

Then there was a night of being stuck on the couch with her dad while everyone else partied it up. He tried to comfort her by saying he wasn't drinking either, but Snooki was having none of it. That's different, she told him, because he's old.

Hmm, growing up?

To top it all off, after a long night of sober boredom, poor Snooks couldn't even get Jionni to end his little bromance over the grill with Roger for some smush time. And this wasn't going be just ANY smush! She and Jionni don't have "random rabbit sex" anymore, she says. They have "real sex" (don't ask, you don't want to know).

It's just as one of her Jersey Shore housemates said when they got a look at the sonogram: "no more meatballs days." Nope, not for a long time. Snooki just doesn't fit.

But don't worry: the old Snooki is still in there. All it took was the girls tuning in to see some birth videos online and busting a gut at the word "vagina" to prove it. They might be "growing up," but Snooki & JWOWW definitely aren't grown-ups.

What do you think it will take for Snooki to fit in with her Jersey Shore friends after she has a baby?


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