Madonna Needs to Stop Acting Like a Dirty Old Woman (VIDEO)

madonnaMadonna needs an intervention. Someone needs to sit her down, inform her that her "rebellious" stage antics are totally transparent, and that she needs to analyze what is driving this perverse need for attention. In the last few months, the 53-year-old megastar has flashed her boob, twice, posed with a gun to her head, slapped a swastika on a French leader's forehead, shown her ass to millions, and has groped a man's crotch. I'm giving her the attention she craves here in an effort to stop the insanity. Cut it out, Madge. You're acting crazy.


I suppose old habits die hard, but Madonna needs to realize that she doesn't need to make headlines anymore for this kind of stuff. It's not new. The boundaries she pushed with these antics back in the '80s and '90s can't be pushed again. It's kinda like double jeopardy, but instead of not being tried twice for the same crime, you can't push the limits twice using the same shenanigans.

And my problem with this boob-ass-crotch-gun funny business has nothing to do with her age. I think it's great that she's 53 and still rocking. My problem is that if she wants to do something outlandish, she just can't do it for outlandish's sake. There needs to be some sort of purpose, no matter how small. Things that were risky and taboo 30 years ago aren't risky and taboo anymore in part due to Madonna's bravery, but she needs to stop beating that dead horse and come to terms with the fact that the barriers she demolished in her 20s are still, well, demolished.

I'm not entirely sure what authority is left to be questioned, but I'm sure if Madonna thinks hard enough, she can find a few buttons that need pressing.

In the meantime, though, before she's put her finger on it, she needs to chill with all these transparent cries for attention on stage. Sing some songs, dance, hump the floor, fine. But until she's come up with something new, she should leave all that boob-ass-crotch-gun stuff back in the '80s, where she originally left it.

What do you think?

Photo via Orit Pnini Iggy54/Flickr

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