Tom Cruise’s Next Wife Could Be This ‘Scientology Princess’ (VIDEO)

tom cruise new wife

Since Tom Cruise has allegedly known about his divorce from Katie Holmes for five years -- that's how long the supposed contract was to last -- it's no surprise that he already has his eye on a potential fourth wife. According to Radaronline, Cruise 'n' camp are very interested in casting actress Yolanda Pecoraro. You've probably never heard of her, one of her only claims to fame is playing the role of "sexy brunette" on one episode of the ABC Family comedy Greek, but! She just might be about to land the biggest part of all ... playing Mrs. Tom Cruise.

Thing is, though, unlike his other two marriages, this one might not need a contract. These two actually sound great for each other. They both enjoy the sound of rain, long walks on the beach, and brainwashing.

Yolanda, as luck would have it, is a devout Scientologist.


The 27-year-old is a "Scientology princess", according to a former member of the church, and has previously dated two other Xenu followers. Evidently, the church is in a hurry to brush this Katie Holmes "embarrassment" under the rug as quickly as possible and want Tom to move on ASAP. If that's the case, I think Yolanda is an excellent choice.

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Religion can play a major role in a relationship, and if you and your partner don't see eye to eye, there can be some huge problems. Granted, I don't think Tom's marriage to Nicole or Katie was actually real, as in, I don't think they ever had any arguments or discussions because everything was pretty much all lined out in the contract. But with Yolanda, things could be different.

Since they're both cut from the same crazy cult-loving cloth, they just might make things work. They say a couple that prays together, stays together, so who knows, maybe this union will be a fulfilling one for each of them.

But if it isn't for real, and Tom's just hiring another wife, they better make the contract expire in three or seven years. We're on to them if they divorce right after ten or five.

Think this might be the lady for Tom?

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