Katie Holmes Escapes Divorce Drama By Working Out

Katie HolmesWhenever I have a bad day, there's one thing I always do. No, it's not immediately dive into a pint of Ben & Jerry's (but sometimes, yes). It's run. Whether it's for 10 minutes or 100, running enables me to get that extra oomph out through action instead of taking out my aggression on an unsuspecting bystander.

Which is why I can relate with the one and only Katie Holmes, who headed to spin class yesterday while Suri hung out with Tom Cruise here in New York City. Whether or not Katie is innocent in all of this (I'm gonna go with a big N-O on that one) -- she's gotta be feeling the heat from all of this press. Spin class? MUST do. All that bumpin' music and hard pedaling is a MAJOR exhale moment, that's for sure.

Feeling like Katie and looking for an outlet for your energy? Check out these 4 other stress-relieving workouts:


1. Running: Crank up the jams and hit the pavement for a full-fledged sprint. I'm not talking a casual jog around the park. Take out your excess energy by speeding up your stride.

2. Zumba: Intense dance moves are just what every woman needs to leave tense feelings behind. The fun nature of zumba combined with the hardcore cardio is an excellent workout and an even better stress reliever.

3. Crossfit: Crossfit has become my Everest over the last year. The workouts are so high-intensity that there's no way that you can focus on anything else while getting at it. Between the dead lifts, sprints, wall throws, you'll sweat out your problems in no time.

4. Swimming laps: Cool off your nerves in a cool pool. Swimming laps burns crazy calories and works a large group of muscles. Why not tone up while getting rid of your frustrations? That'a girl!

Already done your workout for the day? Then kick back, relax, and check out more about Katie and Tom's divorce drama, here:

Do you work out to relieve stress?

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