Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Had Chemistry Before Ever Meeting (VIDEO)

kstew rpatzRobert Pattinson fell for Kristen Stewart before they even met. The dashing Twilight star told E! Canada that he felt chemistry with KStew when he watched her in a movie and knew that they'd hit it off in person. Kristen, apparently, agreed and said that once they screen tested together, she knew right away that he was it. Aw. Guess these two are for real, huh.

They were right not only about their chemistry on screen, but their chemistry off, as well.


I know what Robert means -- you can totally fall for someone (but not fall in love with someone) without even knowing them. Just seeing them in a movie is enough to make you think that you'd be great together. He fell for Kristen via the silver screen as I fell for Ben Affleck through his movies and interviews. (Yeah, I'm in love with Ben Affleck and I know it's not 2000 anymore. What of it.) The only difference is that Robert was actually able to meet Kristen and build a relationship. I'm still waiting for Ben to answer my fan collages.

Pining aside, chemistry is one powerful mother trucker. It leads people to do some crazy stuff. One minute the sparks are flying and your heart's racing a million miles a minute and you're so infatuated with this person you can hardly breathe, and the next, you're wondering if you have any distant cousins who are lawyers that would be willing to help you file for divorce for free.

If you don't wait to see what happens after the initial infatuation's died down a bit, you could be in trouble. It's the stuff that's left after the chemistry cools off that makes a relationship either a success or a failure. Kristen and Rob started off with a mad attraction, but they've stayed together this long, I'd imagine, because they share something deeper than the superficial.

I mean, just look at these two. They're glowing. Aw.

Do you think KStew and RPattz are in it for the long haul?


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