Kate Middleton's Fashion Secret Is Easy for Moms to Steal (PHOTOS)

Kate MiddletonThere are countless style lessons that we can all learn from the Duchess of Cambridge, but after seeing this photo of Kate Middleton attending an Olympic-themed exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, it's obvious that she has one important fashion rule she puts first when dressing for various events.

Kate isn't afraid to take risks, but for the most part, she tends to play things safe by wearing the color that best suits her creamy skin and gorgeous brown locks -- royal blue. She looks absolutely stunning in the shade, and it perfectly complements all of her features. It also seems to bring out her inner confidence even more, because she knows she looks good.


When choosing pieces for our own wardrobes, we can all follow Kate's lead by finding colors that look best on us and sticking with them instead of trying to wear hues that don't go with our hair color & skin tone.

Take a look at some of Kate's best blue looks in the photos below -- is this her best color or what?

What is your "go-to" color when picking out your clothes?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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