Without Scott Disick Playing the Fool, the Kardashian Empire Will Crumble (VIDEO)

scott disickSo I'm really broken up over the rumor that Kourtney Kardashian apparently "hates" Scott Disick and she's dying to kick him to the curb but she's afraid to leave him because of the kids and all. Not because I think they should try to make it work or because I'm worried about Mason and little Penelope being left fatherless or because I think Scott Disick is a great guy at heart (he's just misunderstood!). No, I think what you see is probably what you get with Scott Disick, which is to say that Kourtney will be just fine without him.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians, however, will not be fine without Scott Disick. Not at all.


Think about it: Scott Disick plays a classic character type in the Kardashian family dramedy, the all-important role of "Guy You Love to Hate." Whether you're talking about TV or movies or plays or novels, every story needs a "Guy You Love to Hate" to stir the pot -- or plot, as it were -- now and again. Things would get way too boring otherwise.

And what makes Disick especially effective as an entertainment device is that he combines the "Guy You Love to Hate" gig with yet another classic character, the "Idiot Son-in-Law." (Think Meathead on All in the Family or Stanley Zbornak on The Golden Girls.) You know the one -- whenever he walks into a scene the audience does that collective groan thing: Oh no, not that joker! What kind of trouble is he gonna get into today?

Scott Disick is THAT joker. Just imagine Keeping Up With the Kardashians sans Scott ... snore. Personally, I think Disick should take his whole shady dude-shtick even further. Grow a handlebar mustache and twirl the ends around pensively, why not? Amp up his regular laugh to a full-on BWA-HA-HA-HAAAA.

I'd keep tuning in, wouldn't you?

Do you think Keeping Up With the Kardashians needs Scott Disick?

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