Boy Wearing Snuggie Does Beyonce Better Than Beyonce (VIDEO)

beyonce I've just gotta come out with this: I freakin' love Beyonce. Really, I think she's gorgeous and pretty much one of the most talented women in the game today. Plus, she's got a baby girl named Blue Ivy and is married to Jay-Z for crying out loud. I'm blue green with envy!

I can't even pretend that I love her as much as this Snuggie-wearing YouTube user, though. Get this: He's such a big fan of Bey that he learned every darn move to her "Countdown" video, slipped on a Snuggie (yes, for the second time, I'm serious), and then made his own version. Dare I say it: This may be just about the most epic fan video ever. Wait, did I mention he's groovin' hardcore in a freakin' Snuggie? OK. Ready, set, watch:


... And I am dead. Seriously, I may even like his version more than Beyonce's and that's really saying something.

Without a doubt, this really has got to be the most sincere form of flattery for big stars like Bey. This isn't just making a poster or hitting up a concert (not that they don't appreciate those things, too). Can you imagine how much time went into making this video?! Between the costume changes, learning the choreography, and editing the whole thing together -- it could have been weeks! Heck, he even had to recruit a backup dancer!

Kudos to you, kkpalmer1000. Keep the vids coming!

Is this the most epic video you've seen this week?


Image via kkpalmer1000/YouTube

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