Halle Berry Rushed to the Hospital -- Wait, This Sounds Familiar (VIDEO)

Halle BerryWhile filming scenes for her new movie, The Hive, last night, Halle Berry fell and hit her head on the concrete and was rushed to the hospital. The incident supposedly happened around 10 p.m., and while the fall was probably a bit scary, Halle's rep reports that she is doing fine today.

She said, "Halle Berry suffered a minor head injury while shooting a fight sequence on the set of her film, The Hive. She was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but she checked out healthy and was released. She’ll continue production as planned."

Whew! That was a close one, especially considering that poor Halle hasn't exactly had the best luck over the past few years when it comes to staying injury free.


I still can't get those images of her from last year in a wheelchair with a huge cast on her leg out of my head. Having a broken foot isn't easy for anyone, but being a busy mom and an actress with a demanding schedule probably made things a whole lot tougher for her.

And there have also been a few more accidents involving Halle when she's worked on movies in the past -- including breaking her arm and injuring her eye.

Geez! Can't this poor gal catch a break? If I were her, I'd think about carrying a lucky charm to work from now on -- or at least investing in a hard hat.

You can hear more about Halle's fall in this video clip -- it's great to hear that she is ok!

Why do you think Halle keeps having such terrible luck?


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