Kate Middleton Is Making Her Mark in a Way Diana Could Only Dream Of

prince william kate middleton prince harryKate Middleton may have married into a seriously traditional family, but Prince William has just proven himself to be a thoroughly modern hubby. Wills, along with Prince Harry, have recently changed the name of their personal charity to reflect Katie's active involvement. What was formerly known as the Foundation Of Prince William And Prince Harry will now be known as -- deep breath -- The Royal Foundation Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge And Prince Harry. Whew! Yeah, it's a mouthful, but it's a major -- some might even argue feminist -- step.

After all, it's not like Kate doesn't deserve it. In the short time she's been Wills' wife, she's made a name for herself in the U.K. and abroad as the "Queen of Charity." 


Not only has the Princess taken a strong, active role with her husband and brother-in-law's charity -- which focuses on young people, the environment, and members of the Armed Forces and their families -- but she also became a patron of four other charities back in January: Action on Addiction, East Angila's Children's Hospices, the Art Room, and the National Portrait Gallery all claim her attention. Plus, she volunteers with the Scout Association. Someone sure seems to be up to the challenge of doing quite a bit of selfless work a la her late mother-in-law!

But unlike Princess Diana, Kate is actually being treated like and recognized as an equal -- in a very public way. It's a tremendous, modern, exciting step for an institution that up until the last decade or so, typically seemed to want to turn the clock back.

Discussing where they plan to go from here on The Royal Foundation's website, a message from the royal trio reads, "For reasons that never cease to amaze us, we do seem to be able to bring a spotlight to bear on wonderful initiatives created by other people to help those in need ..." They note that they'll be addressing "some key challenges facing society today at home and abroad" and aim to "lend whatever support we can to those individuals and organisations leading the fight to confront and overcome these challenges." Awesome!

Props to Wills and Harry, who I'm sure knew their "mum" could have been recognized in an even bigger way by the monarchy while she was alive. They could have easily left Kate off the billing for their Foundation, but they knew better. She matters. And acknowledging that is new awesome proof that these three young royals can really bring the British monarchy into the 21st century.

Do you think it seems like Kate Middleton is breaking boundaries by being recognized in this way?


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