Khloe Is a Kardashian No Matter What the DNA Test Results Say

khloe kardashianWe know Khloe Kardashian has refused to take a DNA test to find out if Robert Kardashian is her "real" father -- or if it's O.J. Simpson. Kim and Kourtney can push all they want, but Khloe is just not ready to open that can of worms. And now a source is revealing the big reason behind Khloe's reluctance: Her inheritance!

Um, well, that's according to the National Enquirer, anyway. So take this with a grain of salt: Supposedly, Robert Kardashian's trust leaves each of the Kardashian kids money -- but they can't cash out on that dough until they each turn 35. Khloe is only 28 so she has seven more years to stay a Kardashian if she wants that inheritance. But should that even matter?


We've said it here before and I'm saying it again: No matter whose daddy seed was planted to grow Khloe, Robert Kardashian was in all other ways her father. He helped raise her. He was the man she called "Daddy." And if he were alive, he might even agree.

In fact, Robert Sr. probably already suspected that Khloe may not be his biological child. After all, he was playing along with all that partying and swapping that went on years ago. But if he suspected, he didn't let that change his relationship with Khloe. He treated her as his own all the way up to his death. If he put Khloe in his will, it's because he considers her family and wants her to inherit his estate along with her siblings. And Khloe's siblings would never try to cut her out even if she turned out to be O.J. Simpson's daughter!

I think Khloe's paternity is something she's going to struggle with for a while. She'll probably debate the pros and cons of knowing for years. But her inheritance should have nothing to do with it.

Do you think Khloe should receive her inheritance even if she's not Robert Kardashian's biological child? Does it matter?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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