Kris Humphries' $24 Million NBA Deal Should Make Kim Kardashian Very Happy

Kris HumphriesIt looks like he's officially a permanent resident of New York City, because Kris Humprhies just signed a two-year contract for a $24 million deal with the Brooklyn Nets (formerly known as the New Jersey Nets). Read that again -- he's getting $24 million for two years! (Who knew Kris Humphries was worth that kinda cash?!)

He seems pretty happy about the whole deal (duh), and of the move from Jersey to Brooklyn, he said, "I am one of those few guys that played with the Nets when they moved to Newark, and I have really been a part of it the whole way. It would be nice to play there and it would be nice to be a part of it."


Of course, now that Kris is going to be raking in a whopping $12 million a year as his annual salary, he really has no business bitching and moaning about his divorce from Kim Kardashian anymore. He's been playing the victim card for way too many months now as it is, and if anything, this new deal should be more than enough to make him shut up for good and move on with his life. (Won't Kim be relieved?!)

My guess is that a lot of his whining about Kim and how their marriage was a farce and she used him, blah, blah, blah, had a whole lot to do with money & fame -- and absolutely nothing to do with being upset over their split.

But now that he's Mr. Big Shot on the basketball court and has more than enough money to live the Kardashian lifestyle -- he can certainly do it without trying to drag Kim down even further than he already has.

Do you think Kris is worth $24 million?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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