Kristen Stewart's Breasts Double in Size Overnight & We Know Why

Kristen StewartSince she went ahead and showed up at Comic-Con looking anything slightly more than flat-chested, rumors are now running wild that Kristen Stewart got herself a boob job. Because as we all know, any time a Hollywood actress suddenly shows a little more "oomph" in the breast department, it automatically means she went under the knife.

This is one of the many photos of Kristen that has people talking about her fuller, more perfectly shaped bust-line. But after zooming in good and close on this picture, I'm just not convinced that plastic surgery is the culprit here.


You see, there is this miracle invention called a push-up bra, and believe me, it absolutely does wonders in making us girls who aren't well endowed appear to grow a cup size or two overnight. Between the added lift & extra padding a good bra can give, it's actually pretty easy to make your boobs appear much larger than they are without having to resort to implants.

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Aside from the fact that this photo seems to reveal nothing more than a decent brassiere put to good use, Kristen just doesn't strike me as the "boob job" type. She's all about being authentic and staying true to who she is no matter what anyone else thinks -- and something tells me having fake boobs is kind of beneath her.

Yeah, I'm willing to bet that Kristen's new look has everything to do with a trip to a high-end lingerie store -- not a visit to the plastic surgeon.

Do you think Kristen looks like she got breast implants?

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Image via Pacific Coast News

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