Katie Holmes' Rumored New Boyfriend Is the Perfect Guy to Help Her Get Over Tom

Katie HolmesWow -- that didn't take long. Now that Tom Cruise is out of her life for good, Katie Holmes is rumored to be hooking up with a new, sexy man in an effort to move on and get her love life back on track.

While this rebound romance seems a little bit quick, even by Hollywood standards, I highly doubt anyone will give Katie a hard time about trying to find a man who will love her for who she really is -- a Catholic girl from Ohio who unfortunately got caught up in the allure of being married to Tom Cruise.

And the identity of her alleged new beau shouldn't really come as a huge shock to anyone.


Yep, you guessed it. Katie is supposedly finding comfort in the arms of actor Chris Klein, whom she was engaged to for two years before breaking things off & embarking on her famous whirlwind romance with Tom.

It was actually kind of shocking when they ended their engagement and she wound up with Tom so quickly -- and everyone felt pretty bad for Chris at that point. But it sounds like he may finally get the chance to make Katie happy once and for all.

Katie Holmes & Chris Klein
Katie & Chris in 2004 -- Adorable!

According to Star magazine, Katie has been exchanging some pretty hot text messages with Chris and has been trying to get him to come to New York -- and they were supposedly together for a less-than-innocent reunion on July 10, just a little over a week ago.

If this were anyone other than Katie Holmes, most people would probably advise her to avoid rebounding with her ex-fiance to mend her broken heart, and to take some time to heal and figure out her life as a single mom before dating again. But after living in Tom Cruise's shadow for five years and being unable to express herself or be who she is, going back to Chris is probably the best thing she can do right now to find herself again.

It's almost like by dating him, she'll get to start her life all over again and make things right. Maybe she feels like they were meant to be in the first place -- and she just didn't realize it until she was married to someone who was completely wrong for her.

Katie & Chris make a gorgeous couple, and it would be so nice to see her happy and in love again -- but this time for the right reasons.

Do you think Katie should get back together with Chris?


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