5 Most Shocking 'True Blood' Spoilers at Comic-Con 2012 (VIDEO)

eric northmanYou know what sucks, Truebies? Missing Comic-Con 2012, apparently, because it sounds like the cast of True Blood gave bloodthirsty fans quite a show: Between Joe Manganiello busting out Magic Mike moves all over the place, Jason Kwanten doing headstands and Alexander Skarsgard blowing kisses ... well, yeah. SUCKS.

At least those of us who weren't anywhere San Diego when this magical event took place can still see the exclusive Comic-Con trailer for the 2nd half of Season 5. (I know -- we're already halfway through?!) And let me tell you, it does NOT disappoint! All kindza crazy plot twists up in here!


Trust me, you'll want to watch this trailer again and again and again. Did I really just see that?! Yes! You did!

Especially these mind-blowing moments:

1. Arlene killing (?!) the ghost of the woman from Iraq who cursed Terry.

2. Alcide getting it on ... but not with Sookie. (I think it's that werewolf chick Rikki!)

3. Bill ... laughing. Like, really laughing, like in a goofy stoner way. What the?

4. Godric appearing to Eric. All glowing and enlightened looking.

5. Pam with crimped hair. Crimped. Hair. Yes, like in the 80's. I guess if anybody could make that cool again ...

Watch! Watch now!!

Told you it was good!

What was the most shocking moment of this new True Blood trailer for you?


Image via trueblood/YouTube

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