Katie Holmes' Teenage Dream to Marry Tom Cruise Set Her Up for Heartbreak

katie holmesKatie Holmes and Tom Cruise may be Hollywood history now, but turns out that when Katie told the press that as a kid, she used to dream of marrying Tom, she wasn't kiddin' around. At least not according to childhood friends of the star in Toledo, Ohio who recently caught up with Celebuzz and dished all about Katie's past obsession with Tom

Like, get this -- former classmate Angela Domschot said that not only did Katie have a "secret picture of [Tom] hidden in the inside of her text books," but when they were about 16, their class "would have to say prayers to keep a certain someone safe and out of harm" and "Katie would say it for Tom Cruise. We did that every day, so she would have said thousands of prayers for him." Whoa. So, what you're tellin' us is ... she meant business, huh?!


Confirming the story, another former classmate named Kari Soto noted that Tom "was always [Katie's] crush at school, who she wanted to marry and end up with." Well, guess she got what she had always dreamed of? And then some!

Just goes to show you that there's definitely some truth to the old adage "Be careful what you wish for ..." Someone you think may be the man of your dreams could turn out to be anything but. In my single days, I definitely went out with men who seemed so perfect on the surface ... but turned out to be complete creeps in the end.

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Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that there probably wasn't a time when Katie was beside herself with glee about the fact that she actually landed her teenage celebrity crush. How many women can say that? It's pretty amazing. But look how it turned out. And call me crazy, but given how much Tom's "hot movie star" rep from the '80s and '90s seems to differ from who Tom Cruise Mapother IV really is, I wouldn't be surprised if it was never really the fairy tale she had always dreamed of! So it's kind of tragic.

The lesson here for us earthlings? Don't be so quick to ditch the boy next door (cough like Joshua Jackson or Chris Klein) for the man who seems like he has everything. He's rarely as good as he seems ...

Have you ever been in Katie's shoes -- finding that the guy you thought was The Man of Your Dreams was anything but?

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