Charlie Sheen's $1 Million Donation to Military Can't Wipe Clean His Past

Charlie SheenWell, lookee here, what's this? It's Charlie Sheen, Mr. Tigerblood himself, looking to take a break from his one-man hurricane of destructive tendencies and do some good in the world. Sheen has pledged $1 million to American troops. He'll donate the cash to United Service Organizations, a group that provides morale-lifting experiences like concerts and family days, as well as rehabilitation, to military members. Could this be the same guy who allegedly put a knife to his ex-wife Brooke Mueller's throat and who locked an "escort" in his hotel closet among other incidents too numerous to list?


Sheen has also promised to give 1 percent of the profits from his earnings of his new show, Anger Management, to the USO. Which means if the show is a hit, the donation could go well into the millions.

Said "biwinning" Charlie:

They put their lives on the line for us every day, and I'm just happy that my work on Anger Management can bring a little bit of relief to the troops and their families.

Hmm, this is all well and good. But wouldn't it have been nice if Charlie, who has left a bizarre trail of violence with women in his wake, had donated some cash to, say, a battered women's shelter? Of course, a women's shelter might have to think twice about accepting money from a man who once shot his then-fianceé, Kelly Preston, in the arm. By accident, but of course! Or who allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Ashland, leaving her bruised and bloodied. Wait, I said these things were too numerous to list.

Anyway, everyone deserves another (and another and another and another ...) chance -- especially if you're a male celebrity. Certainly Denise Richards, who once had a restraining order against her ex but who now vacations with him, seems to think so.

But with Anger Management's ratings continuing to go south, this could mean the USO doesn't get the millions after all.

Does Charlie's donation to the troops make up for past behavior?

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