Hot Justin Bieber vs. 'NSYNC Mashup Proves What's Old Is New Again (VIDEO)

justin timberlake in girlfriend videoAs soon as Justin Bieber's hit summer single "Boyfriend" hit the airwaves, anyone over 20 years old should have recognized it as a rip-off tribute second-generation version of 'NSYNC's "Girlfriend." Even the music video is shot the same exact way with the same exact concept, costumes, probably even the same cars! It's pretty much impossible to argue otherwise.

So, yeah, it was pretty annoying when Baby Biebs refused (on several occasions) to acknowledge the glaring similarities or even the fact that it might be a nod to Justin Timberlake & Co.'s 2002 track. But now an editing genius has gone and proven just how much the tracks/vids are one in the same by mashing them up into one flawless, catchy clip that will have you jammin' at your desk for the rest of the day.

Check it out ...


Whoa, hello, anyone else forget just how infectious Nelly's rapping is?! And how gorgeous Justin Timberlake was? (Okay, he still is.) And I'm also impressed that even a decade later, N'Sync's video doesn't look dated at all. (Well, with the exception that we now all know Lance Bass is definitely not wishing for a girlfriend!) Even more reason that it's absolutely absurd that Bieber did his own version. Too soon! Can't we get anything these days that isn't completely, so obviously recycled? Bleh!

And yet ... this clip is a gem. Whether you're a JT or a JB kinda gal, it's so entertaining! I am not even ashamed to admit I'll watch it another two times today (at least). In fact, sheeze, Biebs shoulda thought about releasing something like this as his video! It would have been more honest.

Do you love this mash-up? Does it bother you that "Boyfriend" is basically "Girlfriend" recycled or do you think the producers meant it as an homage?


Image via RaheemDaPlayaO4/YouTube

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