Kardashian Sisters Go ‘Jersey Shore’ With Big Hair and Leopard Print

kardashian adWhat do you get when you mix the Jersey Shore, Dallas, and Tracy Turnblad? This new Kardashian Kollection ad. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe teamed up again to shoot a promo campaign for their clothing line at Sears and the result is UNbelievable. Truly. I don't believe this. It's supposed to be a joke, right? Because it looks like an SNL commercial. At any moment I expect to hear a Bill Hader voiceover come on and describe the incredible incontinence-resistant powers of the pants. Which is to say, the Kardashians are taking the piss out of us, right?


Unfortunately, after some intense Internet browsing, this ad does not, in fact, seem to be in jest. Kim herself tweeted: "Big hair don’t care!" and Kourtney described the advertisement as "fab."

It's real, it's weird, and I'm scared.

The clothes themselves aren't terrible, I'd be seen around town in those leggings, but the styling of the shoot is all wrong. Was Momager Kris enjoying a day off? I don't see how else this could've been approved.

And don't get me started on the Photoshopping. Just when we thought Kim preferred going un-re-touched, this happens. Khloe's 7'3" in real life and Kourtney's 4'2", yet here, they're pretty much the same height.

Although, despite being shrunk, Khloe does look pretty good. I guess they used up all the hairspray available on the west coast for Kim and Kourtney's 'dos, and when it came time to do Khloe's hair, they were like, Screw it, she can't afford to be any taller, anyway. 

The collection will hit Sears shelves shortly (say that five times fast), so if you're interested in looking like a mythical cheetah with an Aquanet problem, search no more.

What do you think of the ad?


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