Watch as That Gotye Song Seduces Even Its Biggest Haters (VIDEO)

that gotye song

I hate that Gotye song: "Somebody That I Used to Know." Right? It's so stupid! It's like the Fifty Shades of music. Like if I knew you could write a song this dumb and it would blow up like this, I would have written it myself. I can play a child's xylophone! We have one of those! And yet ...

We SAY we hate this song but guess what happens when it comes on. Yup, there we are, singing along to that devious hook. You cannot resist it! Here are 10 Things I Hate About You stars Nicholas Braun and Kyle Kaplan succumbing to the Gotye Voodoo. Warning: This may look disturbingly familiar.


But you didn't have to CUT ME OFF! Oh, sorry, where was I? Yes, hating this song. And hating it even more because now I'm addicted to the Braun-Kaplan version. Don't you love how they do that typical guy shtick of mocking it at first, picking it apart like they're soooo superior, way too cool to appreciate a song like this. And then by the end they're passionately screaming along like it's Journey's "Don't Stop Believing."

What is it about this freaking song?

I listen to Pandora when I do my cycling workout in the morning, and I swear, that Gotye song comes on every single time. And I just let it play. I mean, I'm on a real bike in a real park and it's just not worth the effort to stop and fiddle with my player to fast forward it. But you know what else? I think it's not so much that we really, really hate that song. It's that we just instinctively feel like we should hate that song because it's so catchy. Should we groove to the same song a 3-year-old loves? Or maybe I'm over-thinking it.

Whatever. I hate liking that song. I love hating that song. I'm singing along. I don't care.

How do you feel about that Gotye song?


Image via BreakfastToms/YouTube

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