Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth 'Fit' Together in So Many Ways

Miley CyrusI have a confession: I'm no doubt on Team Miley. I'm jealous of her fantastically hot fiancé Liam Hemsworth, admire her workout ethic (even though, admittedly, it comes off obsessive at times), and even though she's done her fair share of stupid things, I say what the heck -- she's young and so have we all.

So for just a second can we talk about her recent trip to Pilates with her future hubba hubby that has me all "awwww" like? Seriously, if I didn't enjoy the duo enough as it is -- now they have to go be all physically fit and cute together, too?

Seems to me that Liam and Miley know that getting your sweat on with someone else, whether or not they're a love interest, is the key to success. Adorbs!


Plain and simple: Self image is a very personal thing. When you invite someone into your inner space and get down and physical with them, you're entrusting them to be supportive of your attempt at a healthier lifestyle. Whether or not you're looking to actually lose substantial weight (like one New York couple did), getting active is just easier when you have someone by your side motivating you

Think about it -- when you're with a companion at the gym or in a workout class, you're working off one another's energy. Instead of slacking off because no one's watching, you're putting in 100 percent. Heck, tackling physical fitness with a buddy may even put your backside in the gym in the first place, which is a 100 percent score in my mind. What's the saying? Friends (and lovers) that sweat together stay together? Something like that. I guess only time will tell if that's true for Miley and Liam. Dear Hollywood gods, I hope so!

Do you often work out with someone else, or alone?


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