Madonna's New Vid Proves She's Rich, Famous & Out of Touch (VIDEO)

madonna turn up the radioOh, to live in Madonna's world. Endlessly pursued by the paparazzi while cruising around aimlessly in vintage cars with an ever-present entourage of skimpily clad back-up dancers, just singing and fist-pumping your troubles away. How fabulous-ly ... familiar. Indeed, Madge's latest video (for "Turn Up the Radio") is basically like a casserole made from bits and pieces of old stale Madonna videos somebody found in the back of the refrigerator, reheated, and served lukewarm.

If that sounds like the kind of thing that would give you indigestion, that's because it most likely will. Especially because while the whole mindless pursuit of glamour M.O. worked when Madonna did it the first time (and the second and third and fourth ... ) it doesn't anymore. Which, beyond being boring, is just kind of gross. Come on, Madge, you don't have to flaunt the rich and famous thing in our faces anymore.


Like, we KNOW you can do whatver the hell you want, pretty much. So why go so over-the-top ridiculous in yet another vid? It's as if Madonna is suggesting ...

1. Rich, famous peopleshould stop and give handsome street performers a few bucks. Cause that'll help.

2. Rich, famous people can street performers by giving them a wild ride in their car. (Hey, what about the other street performer guy that got left behind? He looked pretty miffed.)

3. Rich, famous people don't understand the rules of the road. Seat belts are silly. Hell, seats are silly! When you are a star, you sit wherever you damn well please.

4. A rich, famous person can suck on her driver's neck anytime she wants. After all, he is only a servant. No?

5. Rich, famous people can turn even a random gas station into a hot dance club. (Did anybody else secretly want that to turn into the Zoolander scene with the male models and the gasoline fight and the cigarette? KABOOM!)

If you haven't seen "Turn Up the Radio" yet, check this out ...

Whaddya think? Is it time for Madge to make a change?

Do you like the new Madonna video?

Image via MADONNAVEVO/YouTube

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