Kim Kardashian’s New ‘Glam’ Perfume Is Missing One Key Ingredient

kim kardashian glam fragranceYou know why I love Kim Kardashian? Because she's so shameless when it comes to promoting herself. Take the new ad for her upcoming fragrance Glam, for example. The self-proclaimed perfumista is looking fab-u-lous as always. That dress is sextastic, and seriously, if only my waist looked that tiny for even a millisecond of my life, I'd be thankful. But holy highlight: who needs sisters when you can automatically Photoshop three of yourself into one shot? Three Kims are totally better than one, am I right?

OK OK, I suppose that's besides the point. Let's talk scent, shall we? The fragrance has a fruity flair, featuring notes of blackberry, jasmine, musk, sandalwood, watermelon, and citrus. I've just gotta say it though: where's the oomph? If I had to guess what would be in Kim's perfume bottle, it surely wouldn't be that.


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Kim's like, the heavy hitter of the whole Kardashian clan. You know, the biggest diva of 'em all, arguably the most in the public eye. With a personality like Kimmy's -- I think spice. Something you know, kicked up a notch. Something that seems to be missing from Kim's new scent.

Which is why I'm pretty surprised that the ingredients for Glam don't involve "sweat and tears" or "sensuality" or some sort of play on words a la Lady Gaga's new fragrance. Or at least something with more warmth. You know, like oriental, cinnamon, vanilla, or amber.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure even sans spice the new Kardash spritz will smell fab. When it comes down to it, she'll probably have another one out within the next year -- maybe we'll find that missing spice there. 

Will you buy Kim Kardashian's new perfume?

Image via Lighthouse Beauty

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