'True Blood' Recap: Eric Shows Alcide Who's Boss (VIDEO)

eric glamours alcideOh, Eric!! Eric, Eric, Eric Northman. You sly vampire, you! I don't know about all y'all Truebies, but I had a feeling last week when Eric and Bill walked in on Alcide and Sookie's peach schnapps-fueled rendezvous that ... well, that it would probably be their last erotic encounter. And hey, I can't predict the future or anything, but Mr. Northman certainly came up with a clever way to ... uh ... shall we say ... rooster-block Alcide?


Of course one heck of an opportunity presented itself: I mean, what else was he gonna do when The Authority showed up at that warehouse of death-type place where Russell was incubating (for lack of a better word) and ordered Bill and Eric to glamour the humans ("They know too much")? What else was Eric gonna do but take Alcide's face in his hands (omg I can't breathe) and do a little bit of extra glamour-ing? Which went like this:

You will remember nothing of us showing up tonight, nor anything that happened afterward ... you will always protect Sookie with your life ... You'll keep your hands off her romantically speaking. She kind of disgusts you.

Even in his hypnotized state, Alcide seemed skeptical. "Oh-kaaay."

But he totally went for it! Until the next day when Sookie figured out what happened and did her faerie handshake/memory restoration trick. Oh well.

So there might still be a chance for Sookie and her canine companion. Woo-hoo!

Oh and hey. A bunch of other stuff happened, too. Like, a BUNCH. But here's the most important part -- SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER -- Russell is baaaaaack, and he killed Roman!

Let the games begin, bitches.

Were you surprised when Eric glamoured Alcide?

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