Are Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Secretly Married?

Blake Lively & Ryan ReynoldsWhen Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds called the cops on a photographer who followed them in the car last weekend, they may have unwittingly revealed a secret they've been keeping very, very well. As in, oh, hello -- they're married!

Now mind you this is an unconfirmed report that the gorgeous couple's people are calling a mistake. But the police officer who came to their house in upstate New York and filed the complaint apparently referred not once but twice to Ryan's WIFE when describing what had happened.

If somehow the two stars did have a secret wedding right under our noses, well, I'll be gosh-darned! Talk about an impressive stunt, especially since everyone from their nosy neighbors to the paparazzi seems to be tracking their every move these days ... 


After buying a house in Bedford, N.Y., the two cozy little lovebirds seemingly can't go anywhere without someone or another following them and snapping photos. And last Sunday, a photographer apparently trailed them on the highway and all the way into a shopping center parking lot. That's when they decided enough was enough and called the police.

Here's what the cops had to say in their report (where Ryan's "wife's" name is blacked out):

Upon arrival, I spoke with Ryan Reynolds and his wife. They explained that this ... vehicle was observed outside their residence and proceeded to follow their vehicle in an erratic manner ... Mr. Reynolds and his wife were advised to contact police should any persons enter their property or act in an aggressive or illegal manner ...

Hmmm. I think we all know that police reports are usually full of mistakes, but it's still kind of suspicious that Blake is called Ryan's wife twice by the officer -- who, by the way, won't say why he had reason to believe they were married. And of course the couple isn't talking but their peeps are saying it was just a silly assumption on the cop's part. Still, it's enough to make you wonder, right?

Do you know how hard it is for a high-profile celebrity couple like those two to secretly get married? Try next to impossible. Blake, 24, and Ryan, 35, have been watched closely since they got together last October. It wouldn't QUITE be like Brad and Angelina having a clandestine wedding -- but almost.

So if they somehow DID manage to pull this off, we should all bow down before them in sheer admiration and awe. And as much as we'd like to see things work out between the two beautiful stars, considering how fast their relationship has gone -- they moved in together just six months in -- and how recent Ryan's divorce from Scarlett Johansson was, we're not 100% sold. In fact, we wouldn't be too surprised if, in another year or so, Blake were referred to as Ryan's ex-wife in a police report instead.

Do you think Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds could have gotten married without anyone finding out?

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