Burning 'True Blood' Question: Will Sookie & Alcide EVER Get It On?! (VIDEO)

anna paquin sookie stackhouseWe can all sit around and pretend like we can't wait for tonight's episode of True Blood because we're dying to find out more about this Lilith character or because we're really worried about the fire monster catching up with Terry or what the heck happened to Sam and Luna (I am pretty curious about that one), but you and I both know the TRUTH. And the truth is, the only thing anybody cares about right now is whether or not Sookie and Alcide are EVER gonna get it on!!

Even Anna Paquin's sick of hearing about it! Although apparently not enough to just come right out and tell us what the future holds for the faerie/werewolf couple.


Everybody's like, "Sookie and Alcide, they're gonna get it on!" says Paquin.

"But you know, there's always that slightly twisted take on everything where there's ... you know, there are no happy endings on our show."

Well, duh. Who cares about a happy ending? Nobody's expecting Sookie and Alcide to hook up and then -- TA-DA! -- suddenly decide to get married and leave Bon Temps and live in some safe little vampire-free suburb where they can raise up a litter of faerie/werewolf cubs.

We just want Sookie and Alcide to Get. It. On.

Got it?

Check out this video and see what you think ...

Is Anna Paquin just being coy?

Or will the Sookie/Alcide romance end before it begins?


Image via TheVaultTrueBlood/YouTube

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