Taylor Swift's Top Earning Status Should Encourage Mitt Romney

taylor swiftKristen Stewart may be the highest paid actress, but she's not the highest paid entertainer. Yup, when you take into account actors and musicians under 30, Kristen ranks a mere seventh. Can you guess who's on top? Nope, not Justin Bieber, but he did come in second. The highest paid entertainer under 30 is none other than saccharine sweet Taylor Swift. The 22-year-old singer raked in a whopping $57 million between May 2011 and May 2012. Holy corn balls.

There are two takeaways here. One, if you can't decide whether to push your kid into acting or singing, uh, singing; and two, America is so over weird costumes and gay references and glitter. Taylor's spot at the top might mean we're entering an era of, gasp, conservatism.


From her cloying yet catchy songs to her frilly dresses to her wavy blond hair to her unrelentingly humility, Taylor's got the wholesome thing down, and we're eating it up. We're buying her concert tickets, her t-shirts, her CDs, and her message. Squeaky clean never cost us so much.

I wonder if Mitt Romney's encouraged by this news. Anyone who buys a Taylor Swift album for themselves is probably too young to vote, but there are millions of parents out there who've purchased her music for their kids ... if these adults support Taylor's conservative image, will they also support the conservative candidate? Mitt sure hopes so.

In 2008, when we all thought that we could, in fact, vote for change, Beyonce was the highest paid entertainer under 30; she earned $80 million that year. Queen B and husband Jay-Z openly support Obama and have attended many a fundraiser.

The Obamas have a lot of love for Taylor -- the president called Kanye West a "jackass" for hijacking Taylor's VMA acceptance speech, and Michelle recently honored Taylor for her charity work -- but does Taylor feel the same way about them?

Only she's to say, but something tells me that a lot of her fans (you can't deny that country music is most popular in red states) won't be voting for Obama this year. I'm not saying that Taylor's topping the list is foreshadowing of a Romney win, but hell, it just might be.

What do you think of Taylor's #1 spot?


Photo via 1035WEZL/Flickr

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