Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise's 8 Most Bizarre Divorce Rumors

Ever since TomKat dropped the bomb that they're getting divorced, rumors have been flying fast and furious about what caused the split. Was it Scientology? Was it plans to ship Suri off to Sea Org? Did Tom treat Katie like a "robot"? How about his sexuality? This divorce was a lot more fun to speculate about than Heidi Klum and Seal's!

Now that the divorce terms have been finalized, the rumors should start dying down. Which is why it's the perfect time make us a sweet little list. Herewith are the 8 wackiest rumors about the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce. The Believability Factor is ranked 1-5, with 5 being "I can totally buy that," and 1 being "That's batsh*t crazy."


1. The marriage contract.

Probably the most persistent rumor of this whole sordid tale is that Katie had a marriage contract with Tom and the divorce was filed as soon as her five years of wifely service was up.

Believability Factor: 2

2. Tom is already dating his latest co-star.

Just days after signing the divorce settlement, Tom was seen holding hands with his Oblivion costar, Olga Kurylenko. Tom does have a history of rebounding into relationships with costars. He met both Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz on movie sets while he was just moments away from ending previous relationships. However, he and Olga were filming a scene when they were caught hand holding. So who knows.

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Believability Factor: 3

3. Katie relied on Victoria Beckham for support during the divorce.

Supposedly Victoria Beckham has been a "tower of strength" for Katie. Since Victoria has a passel of kids, an upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour, and she lives on the opposite coast from Katie, I doubt girlfriend was coming over with the Haagen-Dazs and a pile of rom-com DVDs. But since the Beckhams and the Cruises are actually friends, I suppose a phone call or two isn't out of the question.

Believability Factor: 5

4. Katie relied on Nicole Kidman for support during the divorce.

This one is a tad more far-fetched. Yes, Katie had grown close to Nicole's children, so they probably have spoken on occasion. But calling up the ex (on a disposable phone, no less) and getting advice on an impending divorce decision? Unlikely.

Believability Factor: 2

5. Tom is ordered to "ignore" Katie.

According to the tenets of Scientology, those who leave or criticize the church, or "suppressed persons" as they are called, are not to be communicated with. And since Katie seems to now be embracing her Catholic faith, she has probably left Scientology. Which would mean Tom can't talk to her anymore! But, um, she is the mother of his child. They've got to communicate sometimes. My guess is as long as Katie doesn't say anything negative about Scientology, Tom will continue to have a relationship with her. Of sorts.

Believability Factor: 2

6. Tom used to strut around in a G-string in front of his male roommate.

This could explain some things.

Believability Factor: 5

7. Katie felt like she was in Rosemary's Baby.

In the classic movie, Mia Farrow gives birth to the devil's child for her husband's devil-worshipping cult. While I'd be surprised if Katie used the analogy, who knows. Maybe she's got an awesome sense of humor!

Believability Factor: 4

8. Tom was having an affair with David Beckham.

Oh, how I wish this one were true!

Believability Factor: 1

Do you believe most or any of these rumors?


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