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7 Stars 'American Idol' May Be Wooing to Fill Newly Abandoned Judges' Seats

Celebrities Maressa Brown Jul 13, 2012

mariah careyNow that it looks like not only Jennifer Lopez but Steven Tyler and possibly even Randy Jackson are all jumping from the American Idol ship before season 12, Fox has quite the conundrum on their hands. Or maybe it's actually a blessing in disguise! Either way, it seems like they're going to have to come up with an entirely new panel of judges STAT. Who they choose could make or break viewers' inarguably dying love affair with the reality show.

Various rumors have been floating about who might be under consideration to join the judges' table, but the latest and greatest might just be Mariah Carey. Now here's a woman any contestant would have to respect the opinion of. Talk about talent and a winning track record! I'm all for Mimi to sign on as a judge. Here, six other celebs rumored to be up for the job, and whether or not we think they're a perfect fit for the gig ...

Which celebs would make up your dream American Idol judges' panel?

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1Adam Lambert

He may not have won his season of Idol -- or really have more than one sort-of big hit on his resume -- but Idol season eight runner-up Adam Lambert is reportedly being considered as a possible judge. To his credit, the guy could definitely jazz up the judging panel with his in-your-face style.

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Us Weekly reports that Fergie might be in serious talks with Fox to land one of the judges' chairs. Although she could have her plate full with Black-Eyed Peas projects, there's a chance she could put all of that on hold to judge. And the woman has definitely earned her badges and knows what she's talking about, having been in the biz since she was practically a baby. (Remember her on Kids, Inc.?!)

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3Nicki Minaj

The pint-sized hip-hop princess is rumored to be in the running as a potential judge. Although she is a newcomer to the mainstream music scene, she does have extensive training as an entertainer, so I definitely think she could command the respect of the contestants. Plus, fun fact: In March, Nicki was a guest judge and sparked rumors of a feud with JLo when she asked her to "scoot over a little bit" to make room for her at the judges' table. JLo's diva-licious response: "I don't know if there's enough room for both of us." Ha! Well, there won't have to be now that she's out of the picture.

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Not only does will.i.am's major commercial success with The Black-Eyed Peas make him an authority to be reckoned with as a judge, but he's also been a mentor on Idol quite frequently. Sounds like a perfect fit! 

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5Miley Cyrus

Even though someone thought it was a good idea to let fellow former Disney star Demi Lovato judge The X-Factor, you'd think Idol would realize they need judges with a little more credibility than a 19-year-old who -- let's be honest -- hasn't really had the best luck crossing over from Disney to mainstream pop. Nonetheless, Miley's name has been thrown around quite a bit as a possible judge.

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6Katy Perry

Even though she's promoting a film right now, touring, and has a new album coming out at some point, somehow Katy's name has gotten tossed in with several others as someone Idol is courting as a possible judge. Her real career seems to be too hot right now for her to take the job. But let's give it five years, and she'll fit perfectly in JLo and Paula Abdul's former seat.

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