15 Awesome Insults That Prove Sue Sylvester Is the Most Hilarious Villain on TV

Jeanne Sager | Jul 13, 2012 Celebrities

Jane LynchMy fellow Americans, this weekend marks a very special occasion. No, not Bastille Day (didn't I say my fellow AMERICANS?). July 14 is the birthday of the one, the only, Sue Sylvester. Um, I mean Jane Lynch, aka the reason people started watching Glee in the first place!

Yes, the singing is undeniably awesome. But Jane Lynch has brought snarky sniping to new heights with insults that are as clever as they are cruel.

She's reminded us that crafting a cutting remark can be a true art form. And those of us who are sick and tired of the same stereotypical slurs thank her for that. So let's raise a coach's whistle to Jane Lynch on her 52nd birthday.

Here's a look back at some of her very best lines delivered while wearing an Adidas tracksuit! Feel free to add them to your Pinterest board (or check out The Stir's for your own inspiration) so you can revisit Jane Lynch's special brand of funny over and over and over again.

Which Sue Sylvester quip is your favorite?


Image via Fox

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