Jennifer Lopez Might Be Done with 'American Idol' & Who Cares (VIDEO)

You have to hand it to Jennifer Lopez. Girlfriend knows how to negotiate. Ask her whether she's staying with American Idol and she's all, "Oh gosh ... oh ... I don't know ... I ... oh golly gee ..." Yeah, sure. She used this little oh-golly-what-should-I-doooooo negotiating tactic last year too until she gosh-gollied her way into $20 million. I could only imagine if I tried this when someone called me about a job. "Oh, gee, a job? Hmm. I don't know. I -- hello? You still there?" But it works for J.Lo. But this time, she sounds like she really, really might not be back on the judge's panel.


The singer told the Today Show:

It’s a tough decision either way. But I have to say that there are so many other things that I do, and that I put on hold for that. At the end of the day, whichever way, it’s a heartbreaking decision if I’m going to have to go.

So, she's leaving? I guess? But then she went on. And on ...

I know everybody wants that definite 'yes' or 'no,' and ... all I can let you in on is my own thought process with it, because that’s where I truly am.

Oh, good lord. Jennifer is a genius, I'm telling you, A GENIUS. That said, I don't think much will be lost with her absence. I cannot think of one single memorable thing J.Lo has said on the show. I remember her outfits and her hairstyles more than her critiques. Does she even offer critques? I have no idea.

In fact, all three of the judges -- J. Lo., Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson, are so wishy-washy and non-confrontational, that the show had to bring in record exec Jimmy Iovine to offer the kids some real advice. Give him $20 million.

There's also been rumors that Adam Lambert might be joining the panel. That could be interesting too. Anyone would be more interesting than J.Lo. Though she does look fabulous, of course.

Do you think Jennifer should stay with American Idol?

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Image via Today Show

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