Kate Middleton & Prince William Deserved to Be Stalked on Their Honeymoon (PHOTO)

Imagine you are newly married, madly in love, and strolling hand in hand on the sun-kissed isle of north Seychelles. Ah, what a romantic, exotic, and uber-private honeymoon moment. Wait just a gosh darned minute! This is Prince William and Kate Middleton we're talking about. Let's recap: You're strolling hand in hand, and a paparazzo is staked out on a sandy dune with a long-lens camera. He then sells your moments of  honeymoon bliss to a magazine for about one million dollars. Yep, that sounds more like it.


The honeymoon pap shots, which showed up in Woman's Day Australia, are considered a big diss on the Palace. Years ago, after Princess Diana's death in a car crash as she was chased by paparazzi, the press and the royals came to kind of a pseudo-agreement to let the royals -- Wills and Kate especially -- live somewhat in peace. These shots seem to have broken that arrangement.

BUT. Let's get real here for a moment, shall we? William and Kate are fabulously wealthy beyond all reason. They own castles and estates and crowns and jewels and boats and huge amounts of land. They have household staff in all their homes. They will never, and I mean NEVER, have one ounce of financial worry, and neither will anyone in their family -- unless there's like a revolution or something.

In exchange, the royals basically act as goodwill ambassadors for their country. They are essentially spokespeople for the United Kingdom. For that, they and all their relatives get to live a fabulously wealthy and privileged life for all of eternity. I'd say that is worth a few honeymoon shots.

Anyway, the royal lovebirds weren't naked. They weren't getting it on in the hotel's heart-shaped vibrating bed. They were just strolling on the beach. So, deal. If you don't like it, Wills and Kate, there's always abdication, a low-paying menial job, and a London rental in a dodgy part of town. You know, like lots of your subjects have.

Do you think the royal honeymoon should have been photographed?


Image via Woman's Day Australia

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