‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Ain't Here Yet But This Dude's Hilarious Character Impressions Are (VIDEO)

game of thrones impressionsIf forced to confess (at gallow's pole, say), I bet nearly every Game of Thrones fan would admit to attempting the occasional impersonation. That's right, you know you practice your best Ned Stark in the bathroom mirror when you think everybody is sleeping. How could you NOT? Those accents are so much fun, I'd probably watch the show if everybody just sat there and read nursery rhymes aloud. 

But the dude in this video, YouTube sensation Steve Love, puts you and me and every other wannabe Game of Thrones castmember to shame. Seriously.


From Varys to Pycelle and more, every impression is so spot-on it's a little scary -- plus they're super-funny. Be sure to watch the entire clip, because Love saves the best for last:

"I have a bunion on my big toe, Khaleesi." Ha! Do we really have to wait until NEXT YEAR for Season 3 to start?! This guy better make some more videos, quick!

Which of these Game of Thrones impressions is your favorite?


Image via Weave613/YouTube

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