Finally, Perfect 'Christian Grey' Emerges for the '50 Shades' Movie Role

business man in office chair As we're alllll well aware by now, speculation about who is going to play Christian Grey in the forthcoming Fifty Shades of Grey flick has reached a FEVER PITCH. As in, if there was Fifty Shades stock based on casting speculation, shares would be at Apple or Google-like prices. Every day it seems, there's a new rumor about who might be cast as Christian or Ana or who E.L. wants as Christian or Ana. For the most part, we've been hearing names like Robert Pattinson or Ian Somerhalder, fan faves who've already established their careers in memorable leading roles.

But the latest actor rumored to have caught the eye of casting directors is not only insanely sexy, but also more of an unknown (at least on this side of the pond). And those factors combined make him absolutely PERFECT for the part. Ladies, let me possibly be the first to introduce you to the man destined to play Christian Grey ...


Oliver Jackson-Cohen.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen

The gorgeous English actor was said to have joined Twitter on Wednesday and immediately followed E.L. James and a number of Fifty fansites, leading some to believe that he may be up for the role. Hmm ... unfortunately, it actually looks like he's been on Twitter for much longer and isn't currently following E.L. or Fifty sites. Proof you can't believe everything you read, folks! BUT. That doesn't mean he isn't a contender, and it definitely doesn't mean he isn't an absolutely to-die-for choice for the part!

JUST LOOK AT THIS GUY. Squee! He is already adept at stowing his twitchy palm!

And besides that, he's got the fact that he's a relative unknown going for him. Let's be honest. Someone like Robert Pattinson or Ian Somerhalder is already known for their parts in Twilight, The Vampire Diaries. Even Alex Pettyfer has now made a name for himself and become recognizable for roles in I Am Number Four and Magic Mike. We probably wouldn't be able to watch any of them as Christian without thinking of them as their previous roles -- at least a little bit.

But Oliver? Sure, he had a small role as the hot waiter Drew Barrymore's character flirted with in Going the Distance and was also featured in 2012's box office bomb The Raven. But the bottom-line is that we don't associate him with anything else yet, so unlike the others, he could be 100 percent Christian Grey. YES, PLEASE! Casting may be "so far away," according to E.L. James, but that doesn't mean we can't be Team Jackson-Cohen all the way!

Do you think Oliver Jackson-Cohen looks like an amazing fit? Do you agree whoever plays Christian should be relatively unknown?


Image via Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty

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