Katie Holmes Might Seriously Regret Changing Suri's Last Name (VIDEO)

katie holmes suri tom cruiseSo I know people don't really do the whole "team" thing anymore (as in Team Jolie/Team Aniston), but since we haven't really come up with a comparably catchy fan-identifying term yet: Just to be clear, I am 100% Team Holmes. Obviously. But as crazy and scary and scary and scary and scary as I find Tom Cruise to be, I'm still not sure how I feel about the latest TomKat divorce rumor. See, "sources" say that Katie Holmes is considering changing Suri's middle name to "Cruise" and her last name to "Holmes." Not only that -- "sources" also say that Katie hates the name "Suri" and has been calling her daughter "Scout" (after the To Kill a Mockingbird character, of course).

Look, I get it. I don't blame Holmes for wanting to wash that man right out of her hair in every way possible. But Suri is already dealing with enough change. Does she really need a new legal moniker?


Again, this is of course JUST A RUMOR. Katie Holmes probably isn't planning any sort of name change whatsoever for her 5-year-old daughter. But just supposin' she maybe IS contemplating switching the order of Suri's middle and surnames ... well, Suri is very young yet. Like most kids of divorced parents, she'll probably spend her entire adolescence and young adulthood going back and forth between parents, siding first with one, then the other, over and over again. First mom's version of the story will ring true, then she'll re-connect with dad and give mom the cold shoulder, then she'll feel guilty and stop talking to dad ... if your parents were divorced, you know the drill.

If Katie changes Suri's name now, she's setting her kid up for years of flipping and flopping and getting her driver's license changed and making people switch her contact info in their phones and it's just gonna suck. She'll be like Suri Cougar Mellencamp/The Artist Formerly Known as Cruise-Holmes! Or something.

Do you think Katie Holmes should change Suri's last name?

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