Britney Spears Lets Her Bitch Flag Fly on 'X-Factor' & We Love It (VIDEO)

Britney SpearsWhen I first heard that Britney Spears would be sitting on the panel with Simon Cowell on The X-Factor, the first thing I thought was, Wait, Britney can sit somewhere without her father or fiancé? And then I thought, No, please, no. This is going to be the most boring and pointless addition to a TV show since Oliver moved in with the Bradys. But, alas, watching the promo for new season, Britney is bringin' it! In a montage, Britney is seen snapping (not gum!) at various contestants. It's Britney, bitches! And she's being quite a bitch. But in a good way.


In the promo, Britney is seen cutting down a series of contestants in her barely-understandable drawl. She's like a southern, big-boobed Simon Cowell, deadpanning observations like, "You can't destroy that song, sweetie." And, "Verrry predictable." And, "You definitely don't have the X-Factor."

I guess if you're gonna pay a girl $16 million, you expect she damn well better bring her B (as in beeyatch) Game! While most of us probably think of Brit as either a bubble-headed blonde or a crazed head-shaving lunatic (or both), the truth is she couldn't have gotten where she is without some serious moxie and a good ear. In other words, Brit probably isn't as dumb as we'd all like to believe. She may have made some bad choices (coughKevinFederlinecough), but what young person hasn't?

The bottom line is that Brit knows her way around show business. She's been in it since she was just a kid. She must know talent when she hears it -- and she must know no-talent too. And if she is going to be more Simon than Paula, I say good for her. X-Factor contestants should be warned -- and they should take her advice. Even if it's only a putdown.

Will you watch X-Factor with Britney? Here she is:


Image via X-Factor/Fox

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