Emily Maynard Doesn’t Want Creepy Chris Harrison to Call Her (VIDEO)

emily maynard chris harrison'There are two things, or should I say, three things, that I find fascinating about Emily Maynard: her iconoclastic breast implants, and her duplicitous relationship with Bachelorette host, Chris Harrison. Perhaps one has to do with the other, though, as rumors swirl that Emily and newly divorced (consequently divorced?) Chris had some sort of affair. The latest on that front is that Emily doesn't really want Chris to contact her.

Us Weekly reports that Chris has great relationships with all the other Bachelor and Bachelorette stars, but Emily only wants to correspond with him over the occasional text or tweet.


Listen, assuming Emily didn’t sleep with Chris, forcing his divorce, only to get her way and more control over her season of The Bachelorette, she doesn't owe him anything. They’re coworkers and if she doesn't want a relationship off set, she doesn't need to have one.

Also, Chris Harrison rivals Slade Smiley for creepiest mo fo on reality TV and I would not want him contacting me, either. There's something about him that's not entirely trustworthy, if not completely nefarious and shady. He just seems like a creeper. I mean, what kind of person can indulge people's fantasies year after year that they're going to find love, fame, and fortune? He's like some evil mastermind who gets his power from broken hearts, skinny dipping, and unrelenting public embarrassment.

Plus, he says "Emily" like "Imily." I can't.

The fact that Emily doesn't want this guy contacting her makes sense. That said, I totally think they boned. Big time. (Oh, and as for those boobs, man are they huge or what? So big for her tiny frame!)

What's your take on Emily and Chris' relationship?


Photo via abc.com

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