Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise's Rumored Confidentiality Agreement Ruins All the Fun (VIDEO)

tom cruise katie holmesTom Cruise and Katie Holmes' warp-speed divorce settlement (which I wouldn't be surprised got wrapped up super-quickly, because it was super-planned from the get-go) is now complete. But we haven't been left with much juicy info about the demise of the union or its swift end -- and it doesn't look like we will anytime soon. Especially if there's truth to a new report in The Mirror, which claims that Katie had to sign a confidentiality agreement ... aka a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA. (See, what did I tell you about Tom Cruise? He's like the older, unsexy version of Christian Grey!)

Anyway. Under the rumored agreement's terms, Katie is supposedly not allowed to divulge details of Tom's personal life or anything to do with Scientology. Ya don't say!


The report goes on to say that Katie basically had to take a vow of silence if she wanted the divorce to play out painlessly. Specifically, their "source" says:

Confidentiality was the key. If Katie hadn't signed up to remain silent it could have become a very messy legal battle.

Well, no one would have wished that upon poor Katie, who has already been through enough, but do you know what this rumored "gag order" means? It means we may never hear the truth about Totally Wackadoo Tom and his freaky sci-fi religion! Or get the scoop on this phony-baloney marriage -- at least from the horse's mouth.

And we wonder why Nicole Kidman has kept her lips sealed for all these years! How much you wanna bet she signed something similar? Sigh.

I'm guessing the "True Hollywood Story" about this control-freaky movie star and his very private arranged relationships won't leak for years ... Maybe not until all involved parties have "left the building," and Suri herself is a grown woman with kiddos of her own. Ah well, maybe it's better for her that way. But it sure won't be as fun for us!

For more, check out this video, in which a legal pro discusses whether or not details of the divorce will ever come to light ...

Do you wish the truth about Tom would come out sooner rather than later?


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