5 'Breaking Bad' Hints About What's to Come in 'Dark, Heavy, Crazy' Season 5 (VIDEO)

Breaking BadYou guys know what's happening on Sunday, right? I mean, your DVR is all queued up and ready to go? You've been waiting for this moment since October 9, 2011? I am, of course, talking about the season premiere of the best damned show on television: Breaking Bad.

I'm not sure anything in this coming season can touch the sheer jaw-dropping genius of the final zoom shot in the season 4 finale (oh my god, the Lily of the Valley plant!) combined with Norah Jones' smoky voice singing "Black" (Until you travel to that place you can't come back / Where the last pain is gone and all that's left is black), but according to the cast and crew, it's going to get darker, heavier, and "crazier" than ever.

Thanks to this amazing piece by The Hollywood Reporter, Breaking Bad fans can gear up for Sunday's premiere some fun hints about what's to come in season 5. Check it out (unless you're still avoiding spoilers from last season):


Walt will no longer be the underdog:

"You can look forward to even more crazy shit! We’re definitely going to see Walt winning more, and the question of season five is what does it take to stay at the top? I think at the end of season 4, we see that Walt has won. He explicitly says so. What that means is that he defeated Gustavo Fring in this season-long existential chess match that they were playing. Now that they have won and he is ascendance, what does that mean for his life? What does it mean for him and his family? Now that Walt is the king, what will he do with that power and will it be as easy to maintain that control as it was to wrestle it out of Gus Fring’s hands in the first place?" -- Vince Gilligan (creator)

Skyler won't be as bitchy, and Skinny Pete and Badger will return:

"… with Gus gone now, Walt is more in control this season and we get to see Skyler becoming more of his equal. Also, characters from earlier in the series may be popping in again – like Jesse’s friends Skinny Pete and Badger. Anything can happen now, and will." --  Bryan Cranston (Walter White)

Wait, maybe Skyler will still be bitchy after all, but less sanctimonious:

“We saw Skyler breaking bad last season; now she is breaking down. Her dark tendencies are more revealed as she gets further pushed into a corner. That final moment when Walt makes the call at Hank and Marie’s house, the call about Gus Fring, and she realized he had something to do with it? That was a game changer. She already knew he was a drug dealer, but she had no idea how far the tentacles of that extended. And now the idea for her is, “How do I make sure we’re all not killed? How do I keep us alive? I can’t run away, I can’t turn him into the police and now I’m culpable.” Walt had his alter-ego, Hiesenberg. Now she has an different personality; one who lies really well and easily.” -- Anna Gunn (Skyler White)

Season 5 may be the roughest yet:

"You never know anyone’s fate on this show… but we know it’s not going to end pretty. The countdown is on. It’s a bloodbath, I’ll tell you that. It’s brutal. Each season, Vince keeps pushing the envelope with darker and darker stories. But we’re not being dark for the sake of being dark. We’re trying to tell an honest story. And all these actions have circumstances the characters have to deal with. It gets very heavy and very dirty this season, like nothing we’ve seen before.” -- Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman)

Uhhh … buy some Depends?

"You will shit, uncontrollably, watching this new season." -- Bryan Cranston

Okay, I think he was kidding about that last one. Although maybe not -- I feel like there have definitely been a few episodes that were a little on the, ah, sphincter-loosening side. (My top pick for Most Difficult Breaking Bad Scene of All Time? When Walt watches Jane choke on her own vomit and die. Oh man, that was … yeah. Wow.)

If you haven't seen it before, here's a fantastic video preview for season 5:

I'm so excited that my favorite show is coming back on, and I can't wait for the new season! I'll also be recapping each episode, so come by for a weekly dish-fest, won't you?

Are you looking forward to the Breaking Bad premiere on Sunday?

Image via The Hollywood Reporter

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