Jenelle Evans May Look Like Kristen Stewart But She's Still Just Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans needs to just stop. Seriously. Just stop. Now. Between the breakups and the drugs and the arrests and the implants and the fights and the Twitter wars, she is a non-stop drama machine, a one-woman sideshow, and an all around hot mess. But somehow she is still not getting enough attention. Now she wants more attention. This time it's for her looks.

Evans tweeted out a photo of herself doing her best Kristen Stewart impression with the caption: "Kristen Stewart stare :)"

The truth is, Jenelle is a pretty girl (it may be better if she weren't) and she does resemble Kristen Stewart. But does she really have to make the news every day?


Jenelle seems to be the kind of reality "star" who gets fame stuck in her head and then spends the rest of her life trying to get back to that point.

There's a phrase for that: fame whore. She is pathologically addicted to the attention and MTV (and all of us) just feed that attention. She looks like KStew, that much is true. Jenelle is a lovely girl.

But isn't it sad she feels the need to get public validation like that? Why does she need to make SURE everyone thinks she resembles Bella from Twilight?

Jenelle's problems are too many to count, but one of them is undoubtedly her lack of center. Fame isn't helping her find it. If anything it's throwing her further off balance.

There is a big difference between being famous and being infamous, and Jenelle is slowly crossing into that no-man's land. I am sure Amber Portwood loves her because she makes her look like the mother of the year. But let's be serious. Jenelle needs help.

The first step is admitting there is a problem. Fame whore, thy name is Jenelle.

Do you think this is sort of pathetic?


Image via MTV

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