Katie Holmes Plotted Divorce With Nicole Kidman & Oh How We Hope It's True! (VIDEO)

It seems like just yesterday we were hearing that Nicole Kidman didn't want to talk to anyone -- anyone! -- about her ex-husband Tom Cruise's divorce. But forget that! The latest scoop is that she was talking the whole time ... to Katie Holmes! But of course she was. In fact, not only was she offering Katie emotional support but she was giving her practical advice, plotting and planning with her. And they were doing it all over a disposable phone. But of course they were. Hey, who knows, maybe it all went down. It would be pretty cool if it did, right?


Says a "confidante" of Nicole to US Weekly:

They've spoken over the last few weeks. Nicole has been supportive, saying she's been through it too and to hang in there.

Oh, burn! Can you imagine? It's a guy's worst nightmare to know his ex and his current on the phone comparing notes. Ahahaha. I almost feel sorry for Tom now.

The "confidante" claims that as Katie's marriage began to unravel, she reached out to Nicole for support. Really? Seems kind of odd, but who else could understand what it's like to be married to Tom Cruise than someone else who was married to Tom Cruise? When he brings the E-Meter into the bedroom, it's really only another wife who could be like, "Ugh, that thing! Hey, here's a trick: Put a fridge magnet under the needle. Throws it totally off."

Anyway, if Katie did lean on Nicole for support while plotting her escape divorce, that was pretty cool of Nic to help her out. And to all my exes' new women: I'm here for you! Solidarity!

Did you ever support an ex's new woman?

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