'Life's a Tripp' Recap: Bristol Palin's Sister Willow Is the Perfect Reality TV Villain


Every reality show has a villain. Half the time they are clearly manufactured by producers with clever editing. Though I doubt they had to do much at all to make Willow Palin look like the Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth of Life's a Tripp. Dude, she's evil. Like to the core.

And she owns it. While chatting about making Valentine's Day dinner for their boyfriends, Willow tells Bristol, "Andy can come if he buys me a whole bunch of stuff."

"Like what Willow? What would he give you. What's going to warm your heart?" asks Bristol.

"Nothing. I don't have a heart," retorts Willow with an evil laugh. 

I don't think she's kidding either. We got our first glimpse of her wicked ways at the start of the season when she basically abandons her sister in L.A., unmoved by the single mom's tearful pleas for help with Tripp. A few episodes after that, she tells her 3-year-old nephew, "I don't really like your mom sometimes." Nice, right?


Willow is incredibly bitter and angry for a 17-year-old. It's as though she loathes everything and everyone. On this latest episode, the sisters endlessly bicker as they prep the home-cooked meal for their double date. "Your attitude is like a black cloud. You are just toxic all the time," whines Bristol. By the time poor Andy shows up, Willow had already stormed off, leaving him to spend Valentine's Day with his mom.

Later, when the girls have a sitdown to talk about what went down, an unapologetic Willow snipes, "You know what I would be okay with? Being sisters that don't talk for like 10 years."

You can't help but feel sorry for everyone in her path, especially the lovesick Andy. Talk about a glutton for punishment. She won't even admit that they are dating. I've had junk mail treated with more tender loving care than she shows this guy.

He likens her temper to a "light switch." Pal Gino (Bristol's boyfriend) tries to offer some advice, "Maybe you are enabling her by letting her get away with it." Of course, he doesn't stand up to her and Willow's wrath continues. And it's a good thing too. She is one of those characters you love to hate.

What do you think of Willow's attitude?


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