Lovable Twi-Hard Dies Outside Comic-Con Awaiting Her Moment With Rob & Kristen

Comic-Con hasn't even officially started yet in San Diego but already it has seen a tragedy. Reports say that a New York Twilight fan who was running across the street to save her place in line for the Twilight panel at the world's largest arts and pop culture convention was struck by a car and killed. Apparently it happened after organizers made the front of the line she'd been standing in the back of the line. That seems an unfair practice but they must do it to discourage people from lining up days or even weeks in advance. The tragic woman, identified as Gisela Gagliardi, 53, was a diehard Twi-hard, and indeed she had lined up very early.


Photographers had already snapped Gisela at the front of the line and identified her as "one of the first campers." When they switched the lineup, Gisela, who must have left the line and was somewhere else, began running across the street -- in a panic, I imagine. This is when she was fatally struck by a driver.

Gisela's Facebook page has a picture of her and Robert Pattinson. She looks so happy. What a tragedy that she died on her way to see actors and characters she so loved and cherished. How horrible that what would have been one of her happiest days turned into her last.

The hashtag #RIPTwiFanG has been set up to send condolences to Gisela @mad4hugh, the Twilight community, and her friends. Some of the best ones:

@TwiExaminer: The way that the Twilight community has united in light of today's events is very touching. #FandomisFamily

@RobstenDreams: We are saddened by the news of Gisella's death. She was one of us and our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

@KJStewFan: RIP @mad4hugh, she literally gave her life for this Fandom and support and respect to all her friends and family.

@TeamBearRK: She was 2 days away from her dream. We need to see something about her this Thursday, she deserves it, it won't be the same.

Are you a Twihard? Are you following Comic-Con?


Image via Gisela Gagliardi/Facebook

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