‘Kardashian Makeover’ Turns Regular Girl Into Ravishing Diva -- Here’s How


Have you ever gazed upon the resplendent beauty of the Kardashian sisters and wondered how their look could become yours? Wouldn't you love for someone to give you a Kardashianover?

I think that's a maybe-sure-dunno-I'm-scared?!?

If you ask me, the Kardashian sisters are all natural beauties ... who are drowning in too much makeup and jewelry. But I still think it would be fun to be a Kardashian just for a day. Blogger Sara Benincasa did just that on xoJane: She transformed herself from a makeup-free tomboy into a full-on Kardashian! Find out what it took and the shocking realization Sara reached when it was all over.


To pull off this look, Sara could have just watched Kim Kardashian's "night look" how-to video. But here's the grueling regime she followed:

  • Bikini wax (she bailed on the full-on Brazilian)
  • Spray tan
  • Tank, earrings, and a cuff from the Sears Kardashian Kollection
  • French manicure
  • Kardashian-endorsed diet pills (not recommended)
  • Super heavy makeup job at the Warren-Tricomi Salon -- OMG, her eyebrows
  • Spinning class
  • Blowout (she doesn't mention a blowout, but her hair is usually super curly so I'm assuming)

AND PEOPLE LOVED HER NEW LOOK. Check out how many people said so. I have to admit, I like this look better than her usual no-makeup, un-groomed, all-natural look, too. (Also, our before/after is totally unfair considering the "before" is actually Sara right after the bikini wax.) Even more shocking, Sara herself liked the look.

I'd like to say that I had a great big realization that I didn't look like myself, and that I'm happier with a bare face and comfortable clothes, and that I'm finally at peace with the fact that I'm (physically) low-maintenance, but the truth is that I think I looked awesome! I felt like a pretty, frosted cupcake in a shop window. I wish I looked like that all the time. The problem, of course, is that it costs tons of money and/or time, and I don't have enough of either to maintain my glam look all the time.

I knowwwww, right? None of us do. But then -- there's a whole lotta pretty space between the all-natural look and the full-on Kardashian look. And that's where you'll find most of us. I like the way I look with makeup better than without. But I only spend about five minutes a day on makeup, if that.

In fact, guess who's been going low-maintenance lately? Oh yes, the Kim. Rumor has it Kanye wants her to take on a more "natural" look -- like Kate Middleton's. (Kough kontrol freak Kanye kough kough.) So Kim's been spotted with a less-is-more face lately. I like it!

What do you think of Sara's Kardashianover and Kim's make-under?


Image via xoJane

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