20 Most Insane Celebrity Aliases

justin bieberSuperheroes aren't the only ones with secret identities. Celebs are always trying to be incognito when out and about -- and it goes beyond sporting dark sunglasses and a floppy hat. They love using fake names.

When Justin Bieber recently called 911 to complain about the paparazzi, the flustered star ID'd himself as "Justin Johnson." And when the "Boyfriend" singer checks into hotels, he registers as "Chandler Bing" (yea, that guy from Friends).

Check out these 20 other celeb pseudonyms:

  1. Princess Jasmine Kim Kardashian
  2. Sir Humphrey Handbag & Bobo Latrine Elton John
  3. Slappy White Chris Rick
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger George Clooney
  5. Bruce and Jasmine Pilaf (as in the rice) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
  6. Ingrid Jackson Beyonce
  7. Sigourney Beaver Kate Beckinsale
  8. I.P. Freely Slash
  9. Mr. Drip Noodle, Mr. Stench & Mr. Oddpong Johnny Depp
  10. Dick Grayson (the alt identity of Batman's sidekick Robin) Kid Rock
  11. Bella Lovelace Lindsay Lohan
  12. Mrs. Smith Jennifer Aniston
  13. Apollo C. Vermouth Paul McCartney
  14. Mr. President Matt Damon
  15. Ms. Alotta Warmheart Britney Spears
  16. Stanley Kowalski Jon Bon Jovi
  17. Tinkerbell Paris Hilton
  18. Edna Krabappel (like the teacher on The Simpsons) Nicole Scherzinger
  19. Frank Farmer Kevin Costner chose his lead character in The Bodyguard
  20. Prince Albert & Harry Bollocks Ozzy Osbourne

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Do you know of other fake names used by stars?


Image via Daniel Ogren/Flickr

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