Tom Cruise's Creepy Relationship With Scientology Leader Needs to Cool Off

Tom CruiseI have to say, I'm almost feeling a little sorry for Tom Cruise these days. I mean, divorce is hard enough without the entire world being laser-focused on your crumbling relationship, your soon-to-be-ex-wife's every hint that she wasn't happy, and your personal religious choices.

I guess I don't feel so bad that I'm unwilling to dish on Cruise's latest Scientology weirdness, though. What can I say, I'm willing to admit my weaknesses, and one of them is reading up on the juicy, bizarro-world rumors about Tom Cruise and his spiritual life.

According to Mark Rathbun, Cruise's "former personal counselor in Scientology," Cruise has a truly unhealthy obsession. With another man. Which feeds in nicely to a bunch of other rumors, but this is different ... I think.


Today Rathbun wrote an entire piece in the NY Daily News on Tom Cruise's relationship with Scientology "supreme leader" David Miscavige. Among other allegations, Rathbun says that Miscavige -- who is Cruise's closest friend -- "meddled" in all three of Cruise's marriages, and that Cruise settled so quickly with Holmes because he wanted to protect both the church and his connection with Miscavige:

A contested divorce proceeding would have shined a spotlight on that and would have irreparably damaged the image of Scientology, Miscavige and Cruise. They were called out on Scientology’s child indoctrination practices and harassment tactics over the past several days. With those weapons exposed, there was no other means available for Scientology Inc. to practice its dark arts. They couldn’t intimidate and bully Holmes any longer.

Whoah: "dark arts." *waves magic wand, jumps on couch*

Rathbun also says Cruise's problems can all be tied to his "unhealthy and unnatural relationship" with Miscavige, and that it's time for Cruise to "wake up and terminate the abusive, manipulative relationship you have been carrying on with David Miscavige through your three unsuccessful marriages."

Who knows what the real story is with Tom Cruise and David Miscavige, but Miscavige certainly has some strange rumors associated with him. For instance, his own wife, Michelle Miscavige, has reportedly not been seen in public since 2007. According to her lawyer,

She is not missing. Any reports that she is missing are false. Mrs. Miscavige has been working non-stop in the Church, as she always has.


Also, Miscavige's own niece has passionately spoken out against Scientology:

My experience in growing up in Scientology is that it is both mentally and at times physically abusive. We got a lousy education from unqualified teachers, forced labor, long hours, forced confessions, being held in rooms, not to mention the mental anguish of trying to figure out all of the conflicting information they force upon you as a young child. ... As a mother myself, I offer my support to Katie and wish for her all the strength she will need to do what is best for her and her daughter.

It doesn't sound like Cruise is ready to cut his ties with Miscavige any time soon, though. In Cruise's own words,

I have never met a more competent, more intelligent, more tolerant, more compassionate being outside of what I've experienced from [founder of Scientology] L. Ron Hubbard.

Sounds like a match made in -- well, not heaven, obviously, but ... anyway, they sound pretty tight. Is it true that their relationship is "unhealthy and unnatural"? Who's to say, but it sure seems like Cruise's image could use a little separation from all the Scientology weirdness lately. Miscavige should probably go ahead and produce his wife, just for photographic purposes (perhaps she could pose with a current newspaper?), and Cruise should -- well, I'm not sure. Do another amazing Mission Impossible-style stunt to distract everyone, maybe?

What do you think about Cruise's alleged too-close-for-comfort ties with Scientology leader David Miscavige?

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